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UK Driving Licences

The nightmare is over!

Spain and the UK have approved a new driving licence agreement, meaning all residents can legally get back on the roads.

UK licence holders will be able to exchange their licences from the 16 March, 2023 for the next six months in order to obtain a Spanish one.

Gestoría Carvajal will be able to assist you with the process without having to the DGT, all you will need to do is come to our office with the following documentation:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Valid TIE card
  3. Padron – less than 3 months
  4. Psicotecnico (medical) – less than 3 months
  5. UK driving licence
  6. National Insurance Number

There are also several documents to complete in the office for the DGT, which we will happily provide.

The process once we have received your documentation and licence will be:

We take your UK licence from you and issue you with a receipt of stating that we are transmitting the exchange of your UK licence with the DGT.

The DGT once they have completed their checks with the DVLA in the UK will issue the applicant with a temporary paper licence, valid usually for 90 days, and durting this period the plastic licence is produced and dispatched. We will try to request that all licences are collected from the DGT and brought to our office rather than them being posted to you.

Once they arrive at our office, our team will advise you to collect your Spanish licence.

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