We handle the administration, management and documentation procedures for the purchase and sale of properties in Spain. We also make sure that the correct taxes are paid when buying a Spanish property.

We can offer clients who wish to purchase or sell a property in Spain many different types of services;

  • Legal research to review that the property is free of charges and debts
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy
  • Preparing and organising the Title Deeds
  • Breakdown of costs and expenses relating to the purchase
  • Negotiate mortgage terms when our clients apply for a Spanish mortgage
  • Arrange the opening a Spanish bank account
  • Represent our clients at the Notary
  • Prepare and arrange Power of Attorney
  • Assisting clients to pay taxes associated with property purchase or property sales
  • Register the property at the Land Registry
  • Arrange contracts for all utilities
  • Setting up direct debits for utility costs such as water, electricity and Community fees
  • Apply for the NIE certificate. This is a Spanish Identity Number, which you cannot purchase a property without one
  • Legal assistance: at the Notaries, Town Hall, Land Registry and other types of Spanish public entities

Gestoría Carvajal offers our clients a wide range of different services.

  • Legal counseling
  • Gestoría Carvajal specializes in Family Law
  • Civil Law – arranging legal contracts, settlements, claims etc…
  • Inheritance- Gestoría Carvajal can assist our clients throughout the process of inheritance
  • Administrative Law
  • Criminal Law – minor offense cases, financial crime etc…