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Application for Vehicle History Report

With this document you will be able to know in an instant of any restrictions placed on the vehicle you wish to purchase, such as potential charges, fines or unpaid taxes.

Modification of details – Driving Licences and Vehicle Documentation

If you have recently changed your address, you must inform the Department of Traffic of the change. We are able to undertake this matter on your behalf.

Duplicates of Vehicle Documentation

If you have lost or misplaced your vehicle documentation, we are able to request a duplicate on your behalf without you attending the Department of Traffic in person.

Temporary deregistration of vehicles

If you are planning to take your vehicle off the road, you must advise the Department of Traffic, we can transmit the notification to the Department of Traffic on your behalf.

Notification of Sale

Assures that the Department of Traffic has been notified of the sale of your vehicle.

Driving Licences

We are able to submit applications on your behalf to the Department of Traffic to exchange driving licences of EU and non-EU citizens for Spanish driving licences.


Domain cancellation, International Driving Licences, Rehabilitation Orders, road tax, and appeals relating to traffic matters

All processes are applicable to Agricultural Machinery, Specialist Vehicles and Marine Vehicles (boats / yachts). 

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