Our lawyers will help and protect you in the event that you get into any legal dispute with anyone who affects your rights in any matters within the territory of Spain.

All court procedures involve costs such as court fees, legal fees of your solicitor, a court attorney (if their intervention is required), the services of court appointed experts and Notary fees. The final sentence will determine the litigation costs which shall normally be borne by the unsuccessful party, who will be obliged to bear all costs incurred by the other party.

Legal assistance and representation is provided and not limited to the following areas:

Civil Law

  • General contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Monetary reclamations
  • Evictions

Criminal Law

Administrative Law

  • Obtain NIE certificate
  • Residency
  • Nationality
  • Visa application

Fiscal law

  • Payment of all taxes (regional and national)
  • Tax Reclamation
  • Double Taxation

Inheritance Law

  • Inheritance
  • Wills
  • Asset appraisal
  • Estate Partition 

Property law

  • Private property contracts
  • Negotiation of conditions and contents
  • Construction Licences and any other licencing
  • Verification of boundaries
  • Mortgage preparation
  • Preparation of public deeds
  • Notary Assistance 
  • Land and Property Registry 
  • Payment of property tax
  • Connection of utilities

Private Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Parental responsibility measures – custody,  child maintenance 
  • Minors
  • Dissolution of co-ownership of property
  • Liquidation of financial assets
  • Pre-nuptial contracts 

Procurement of legal documentation

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage
  • Death
  • Wills