Holiday Rentals

If you are renting your property in Murcia for short periods of time, then you are subject to legal and fiscal obligations.

Apartment units, bungalows, villas, chalets and the like offered for rent for holiday or tourism purposes having met the requirements specified in the Royal Decree 75/2005, are all considered holiday accommodations.

There are two classes of holiday rentals, defined by properties in the care of a manager or those belonging to a homeowner.

A homeowner with only one-holiday rental property: be it an apartment, house, villa, or chalet is known as holiday home. However if a homeowner or a manager is in charge of more than one holiday rentals, be it apartments, houses, villas or chalets, are called tourists apartments. Holiday rentals are properties that must be ready for every guest and whatever situation.

If you own a property and wish to use it for tourist purposes, you will need to present the following documentation to start the procedures to obtain a tourist license:

  1. Declaration responsible for the tourist classification for vacation accommodation. With this declaration, the authorities are informed of your intention to rent the property for tourist purposes.
  2. Civil liability insurance to cover damages to both your home and your tenants. There’s currently no minimum coverage obligation. If you already have home insurance, you will need to extend it to cover your future tenants.
  3. Name and details of the vacation accommodation
  4. When can I start renting the house?

Once your application is submitted, the relevant authorities will contact you to schedule an inspection of your property, during which they will check that all requirements are fulfilled. You can start your rental activity from the moment you submit the responsible declaration. 

Requirements after obtaining the tourist license in Murcia

Tourism plates

An identity plate must be placed outside the property of individuals who operate holiday accommodation in accordance with the provisions of the Order of July 20, 2006 of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, which determines the identification of Tourist Apartments and Vacation Accommodations, Rural Accommodations, Hotel Establishments and Restoration Establishments of the Region of Murcia.

Claim Forms

All vacation accommodations must make claim forms available to customers and provide these immediately as they so require. The existence of these forms will be announced to the public in a visible manner and will be expressed in Spanish, French, English and another language of the owner’s choice.

Advertising prices

Prices must be displayed in a place that is perfectly visible to users, this is usually online. The prices of the holiday homes are up to the owner’s discretion, having to always set a minimum and a maximum.

Guest registration with the Guardia Civil

All guests over 16 years old must have their information recorded with the Guardia Civil

Declare your income

As a resident you will have to declare your rental profit in your annual tax return and if you are a non-resident you will have to fill in a quarterly tax return to report any rental income for the three previous months. Property portals, rental platforms and real estate businesses are now obliged by law to inform the Hacienda of all the bookings and landlord details.

Liquidation of taxes

We possess the necessary programs in order to liquidate any type of tax liable in Spain (regional and national).

We also offer a collaboration service to fellow Gestorías for the liquidation of all types of private and public contracts.